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    Strategic Marketing Finance Solutions
Planning, Evaluation, Control


Maximize results, reduce risk

As a Marketing Manager, you know how important it is to recognize marketing mix and consumer behaviour. You need to position and communicate with customers to maximize results.  As a Financial Manager, you recognize that there are limitations to resources and that each marketing strategy must adhere to specific budget requirements, delivering a minimum level of return on investment.

At Marcount, we recognize the combined marketing and financial challenge and provide the expertise to integrate financial evaluation and control methodologies into the planning, analysis and control phases of marketing programs.

Marcount integrates the important functions of marketing and finance in a paired and objective manner to accomplish overall corporate goals.  Your marketing programs will be focused and the business and financial risks will be reduced by thoroughly evaluating marketing campaign alternatives by using financial concepts and tools.

The business planning process is called Strategic Marketing Finance Planning. The business implementation, evaluation, and control process is called Strategic Marketing Finance Solutions. Let Marcount advise you expertly, to implement the planning and solutions processes— and deliver the benefits.


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